In our past blogs, we’ve focused on some key characteristics that successful leaders have in common. After all, if leaders do not have their affairs in order, then their disorganization trickles down to their employees. Employees need strong leadership in order to work as effectively as possible. Today, we would like to discuss some key elemental characteristics that leaders must have:


An effective leader must make sure that all members of the team feel safe performing their job as well as breaking free of it. This means that employees trust their leaders enough to discuss any segment of the entire work process. Therefore, leaders must be approachable enough for team members to ask them questions. When employees have leaders who they can trust, the entire work environment improves.

Involving Employees

Great leaders involve their employees in decision, deliberations, and discussions. An involved leader includes team members and invites them into different levels of the processes and actions that need to be taken. Both team leaders and employees have opportunities to learn from one another by working together.


As a leader, you need to show empathy for your teammates if they are going through any difficult situations. Try putting yourself in their shoes to gain a better understanding of their situation. When team leaders display empathy, the work environment is much happier and functional.


One of the most important areas that organizations need to work on is in developing their future leaders. In order to develop future leaders, you must be able to recognize the talents of your current team members. Each individual on your team has certain strengths and weaknesses, so help develop their strong points. As a leader, you always want to be on the lookout for opportunities to improve the team.


All relationships thrive on clear, compassionate communication, whether they are friendships, romantic relationships, or work relationships. Good communicators must also be good listeners. Good communication skills also include empathy, persuasiveness, and the ability to get the point across in a direct but kind manner.

Together, these different attributes are the key pieces of building relationships between leaders and their team members. When leaders fail to establish these key elements, their team may fail to grow into their true potential. In fact, team members might display mediocre performances instead of performing at their highest levels.

Our business consulting firm can help your team leaders develop optimal leadership skills by performing a leadership analysis. Our food consultants assess all the traits and key factors of your management teams. Together, we will establish guidelines for setting goals and for the expectations of your team leaders. Effective team leaders communicate the importance of their team to the entire company. Delta Driver believes that effective leadership skills set the tone for the entire company.

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