All relationships benefit from effective communication, whether they are classified as romantic relationships, friendships, or work relationships. In order to effectively handle conflicts as well as to lower the amount of conflicts in the work environment, team leaders and employees must improve their communication skills. Business owners want for their company to grow and to thrive, so they need to encourage an open line of communication between team members. Here are some ways in which you can help to improve the lines of communication between your team members:


If your team members do not feel safe communicating openly, regularly, and honestly, then your work environment will be negatively impacted. Team leaders could model this by communicating effectively themselves. Employees need to know that they can ask questions or address any mistakes that they made.

New Approaches

Engage in team-building exercises and introduce new ways for team members to communicate with one another. Some companies hold talent shows or company sports games to help foster team building. Break old employee habits that are not working and build new bridges by taking new approaches to communication.

Open Dialogue

Market conditions are constantly changing, and one of the best ways for your company to navigate the changes is through open and honest communication. Creating an open dialogue allows for your team to quickly respond to any changes that are thrown their way in a more positive manner. Team leaders need to make sure to thank their team members for their hard work through praise or even gift certificates.

Constructive Criticism

When offering criticism, it’s important to communicate constructively rather than destructively. Open and honest dialogues are ineffective if they are communicated in a harsh and judgmental tone. Team leaders benefit from keeping an open mind as their team members offer suggestions or air their problems. You don’t have to implement every change that your team members suggest but instead simply listen to what they have to say without judgement. This also encourages team members to remain aware of any improvements that could benefit the team and the company.

Team Communication

Try organizing team members by the projects that they are working on to help foster a more cohesive work environment. Prior to a project, you could create a team-building exercise to kick things off on a positive note. When people in different departments get to know one another better, the overall workplace environment improves. This also decreases the “us against them” mentality common on many workplaces.

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