Our food consultants at Delta Driver are well equipped to assist the food and CPG industry. Our hand-picked food industry consultants have the experience and the track record to transform your business into a thriving organization. At Delta Driver, we love helping middle-market businesses transform into high-functioning companies. Our food consultants evaluate the organization’s daily practices so that your company can eliminate areas of waste and uncover new opportunities. We use proven, data-driven methods to streamline your company’s policies and efforts. Today, we would like to discuss the some of the most common food labeling mistakes that we see in the industry:

Not Listing All The Ingredients

According to the FDA, mislabeling is the most common reason for food recalls, so make sure that you properly label your ingredients. On average, about five food products are recalled per week because of undisclosed ingredients, and about half of them are related to milk and eggs. Milk and eggs are major food allergens, and food allergies are serious enough to do some major harm. If you fail to disclose all your ingredients, you could put people’s’ lives at risk if they have serious food allergies.

How do you prevent this? It’s imperative that you take all the necessary precautions to prevent cross-contamination and correctly label all your products that could possibly be cross-contaminated.

Incorrect Labeling

It doesn’t matter if the ingredient list is printed correctly if you put the wrong label on the wrong package. Again, this could adversely affect people with food allergies because the food that they are allergic to could be in the product because the label is printed incorrectly. However, you can reduce the chances of this occurrence by using strict quality control measures. More often than not, incorrect food labeling occurs when more than one SKU is printed on the same sheet of labels. We recommend designing labels to be visually distinct from one another so that you would notice incorrect labels.

Illegal Product Identification

Different products are not allowed to be labeled as the food that they most resemble, depending upon their ingredients and methods of processing. The most common example is that processed cheese, or a cheese with emulsifiers, food coloring, and preservatives, cannot be labeled as cheese. The naming of cheese is regulated by the FDA according to its milk fat and moisture content. If a product contains less than 51 percent cheese, then it has to be labeled as a “cheese product.”

Correctly labeling your food products is imperative in the food industry. The last thing that you want for your business is to deal with the fallout of a recall. The damage to your reputation and to your finances could potentially ruin your business. Our food packaging consultants at Delta Driver can assess your packaging methods to make sure that you do not fall victim to a food recall. Contact our food consultants today to see how we can help your business flourish. Using proven, data-driven techniques, Delta Driver can provide you with the assistance that you need.