Building a fledgling food company to prosper and grow is a particularly challenging process. At Delta Drivers, we feature a network of food consultants to face this challenge head-on. Our food industry consultants provide a variety of services tailored to the needs of your company. One of our services involves leadership analysis in which we evaluate the appropriate leadership profile for each team leader. Different leaders feature different qualities, and we observe the qualities your leaders need for success. One of the most interesting and famous leaders is British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, founder of The Virgin Group. Today, we would like to examine the leadership qualities that work for him.

Break The Rules

In an interview with Dan Schawbel, Richard Branson stated that he never learned the rules of leadership in the first place. His company culture is based on his paradigm, “ Don’t sweat it. Rules were meant to be broken.” Both in business and in his personal life, Branson has taken huge risks. Sometimes his risks have failed, but he always learned valuable lessons in the process.

Personality Over Resume

Branson likes to hire leaders with a broad range of experience and great personalities rather than dry business people with multiple degrees. Not only does Branson like to take chances on people, but he also likes to promote from within the company. Promoting from within works wonders for workplace morale because the people filled with passion for their work and exhibit great leadership skills are rewarded.

Believe In Yourself

Passion and conviction are huge driving forces for Richard Branson. If you do not back your business with passion, then it might be doomed to fail. In his book, The Virgin Way, Branson wrote, “If you aren’t proud of what you’re doing, why should anybody else be?” Enough said.

success-picGive Back

American billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have signed a Giving Pledge with Richard Branson in which they all promise to donate at least half of their earnings to charity. Branson has run marathons with fellow Virgin employees in order to raise money for charities, which helps unite team members for the common good.

Have Fun

Richard Branson highly values incorporating a dedication to fun in the workplace, which he believes is a highly underrated element many businesses lack. This CEO loves to throw elaborate parties for his employees and even invites them into his home for company parties. Branson even states in his book that if you are not having fun, “then it’s probably time to call it quits and try something else.”


Branson grew up with dyslexia, so he constantly wrote things down that he needed to remember. Even today, he always carries a notebook with him to take key notes during meetings. By listening carefully to the ideas of others, Branson turned his weakness into a great strength.

These are some key traits to the mega success of Richard Branson. Take note of which traits might benefit you, and remember that different methods work for different people. Our food consultants can help bring out the best leadership qualities within your team members. Contact Delta Drivers today to learn more.