As a team of established and highly-respected business consultants, the team at DELTA-DRIVER is uniquely qualified to deliver industry-focused business optimization strategies. Our food consultants streamline our process to include those services that are most likely to produce outstanding results in as short amount as time as possible.

Our food consultant process towards unparalleled success includes the following:

Leadership Analysis

By systematically analyzing all traits and aspects of your leadership and management teams, we can help your organization promote its core beliefs and stress the importance of its mission. Establishing guidelines for goal-setting and management expectations, our consultants’ analysis of each team member is intended to facilitate growth under your core values as a company. Supported by the belief that your leaders set the tone for the entire organization, we strive to ensure that your team understands its own importance. Recognizing that leadership is separate from management, we stress the value of effective leadership. Leadership is doing the right thing, where management is doing things right.

Capacity and Manufacturing Capability  

Our team of food consultants strives to differentiate between your strengths, weaknesses and missed opportunities, removing any problematic issues that increase costs. By looking for proficiency in employee scheduling, work-flow, and capital allocation we can design flexible strategies for volume changes, labor force adjustments and capacity. We also work to help your leadership team recognize where gaps in resources lie and how to adjust effectively.

Our first intent in our food consulting services is to optimize inventory turns, labor efficiency and equipment utilization, ensuring added value during process changes.

Inventory History and Measurements

Managing inventory on pace with growth projections is not always a simple, one-step process. In fact, leaving 1,000’s of SKU’s in the hands of your master scheduler, without ensuring that an effective and manageable tracking system is in place, allows for mismanagement and costly mistakes.

With DELTA-DRIVER’s customized dynamic model for inventory management, your organization will experience optimized inventory management, ensuring maximum customer service. Adjusting to both skewed customer demand, and unexpected ebbs and flows of business, our system ensures the proper level of inventory through most fluctuations.

Customer Analysis

To really serve your customer correctly, you must first understand who they are; why they order the way they do; what compels to, or prevents them from, ordering more; and why your profits sometimes don’t reflect consumer buying trends. It is imperative that your sales and management staff both understand that not every sale is profitable and why. By analyzing your customer base, our consultants work to help you find those hidden gems of opportunity and eliminate costly mistakes. Some mistakes include eliminating markets that are more profitable than others, and our food consultants strive to make those less-efficient markets more feasible. Our food industry consultants work to align your business market with its local resources for optimum results.

Sales Inventory and Operations Planning

Is your company’s top-level management proactive in its approach?

Is your company maximizing EBITDA through weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual planning?

By assisting your executive/management team with integrated business management processes, we help to bolster the optimal functionality of all of your organization’s sales and operations processes. Our focus is to simply help you deliver the right product at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price. It’s as straightforward as that.

Supply Chain and Logistics Overview

Although “supply chain risk management” is the new buzz word throughout many industries, we’ve been engaged in the practice for years. By thoroughly analyzing your parts and ingredient structure, sources and vendors, we can discover any threats of interruption within your supply chain. These risks include vendor risk and reliability, product risk, scope of materials, diversity of resources, and geographical distribution channels.  Because just one material outage can fundamentally destroy your bottom line, the cost of this risk assessment has been shown to be worth the cost time and time again.

SKU and Margin Analysis

Our focus here would allow us to help you determine which, if any, SKU’s to suspend or eliminate in order to more effectively focus on those that generate more profit. Our stock-keeping unit analysis targets EBITDA without compromising your core business relationships.

In the most simple terms, we help you discover those products that make money, allowing you to dump those that don’t.

Capital Budgeting

At DELTA-DRIVER, we have the capability of writing Capital Authorization Requests in order to ensure needed cash flow. We will author the capital budget, create the justification and prepare the strategy for any individual project. Our time-conscious process ensures that no interruption of service or order to the customer occurs during the integration of capital budgeting.

Ongoing Analysis and Improvement

At DELTA-DRIVER, we believe that always investigating past poor performance is symptomatic of a reactionary business environment; which is not conducive to ensuring future performance. By approaching your organization and its processes with an intent to define, measure, analyze, implement and control, we ensure that our partnership is of a proactive nature. We’ll spend less time investigating the root cause of issues and more time acting to prevent risk, resulting in higher future performance.

We offer third-party quality and food assessment services for the CPG and food industries, ensuring that you meet credentials for certification. New product development processes are also available through our comprehensive business consulting services. We understand that your industry may also face specific challenges that not all consultants specialize in, which is exactly why we offer process analysis that is specific to each client, customizing business solutions to your unique needs.

Due Diligence Studies

Never resting on past success, our food consultants continue to conduct due diligence studies throughout the manufacturing industries in order to highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that impact the value of a firm. Increasing the value of your firm and assessing opportunities and risks is our highest mission.